National Review’s Kyle Smith takes on Tom Nichols, and Max Boot is very upset

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If you haven’t done so already, head on over to National Review and read Kyle Smith’s take on the Ultimate Expert, Tom Nichols:

New column: Meet the World Expert on All Things, Tom Nichols

— Kyle Smith (@rkylesmith) September 3, 2019

Smith nails — expertly, if you will — Nichols’ worst attributes. Which are pretty much all his attributes.

But any comprehensive takedown of Tom Nichols should really include a jab at Max Boot. Thankfully, Smith’s does:

My brand is being unorthodox, by which I mean “as predictable as Max Boot.” Frequently I say something like “As a conservative . . .” before adding that I’d vote for Bernie even if he taxed used kitty litter, for Elizabeth Warren even if she made me wear waffles as underpants, and for Kamala Harris even if she made me drive to work in a golf cart covered with Barbie decals.

No wonder Max Boot is so upset:

This nasty ad hominem attack on @RadioFreeTom (with sneers at his facial hair & his teaching at @HarvardExt) is sadly indicative of the decline of @NRO. It once used to be a serious magazine. Now becoming snarling click-bait like the rest of the right.

— Max Boot (@MaxBoot) September 3, 2019

Some people can’t handle the truth. Oh well. More for us!


— Fuzzy Chimp (@fuzzychimpcom) September 3, 2019

Must read piece from @rkylesmith

— Ben McDonald (@Bmac0507) September 3, 2019


I guess Max Boot didn’t like the joke about Max Boot

— Kyle Smith (@rkylesmith) September 3, 2019

Guess not. Sad!

I'm so sorry this is happening to you

— "Fredo" is racist toward Italians who are dumb (@jtLOL) September 3, 2019

Im so sorry this is happening to you

— Bob Malak (@bob_malak) September 3, 2019

Tom’s whole Schtict is ad hominem attacks on everyone he thinks is stupid. Which in his opinion is everyone but him.

— GOP Pouncer (@Mellecon) September 3, 2019

Ironic, since @MaxBoot and @RadioFreeTom have become the epitome of snarling clickbait.

— Gary HokieHawk (@grsvt81) September 3, 2019

Hmm, one went full "I'm voting lib bc reasons," the other is attempting to hold Trump accountable while still adhering to conservative principles… I wonder which stance garners more respect on the right?

— ConservativeBlackMan 🇯🇲🇺🇸 (@NevilleD35) September 3, 2019

Evergreen parting advice:

Hey, Max?

— Whatevs (@danobrien1972) |779ec6ecc6c8957bcd4c88d2ef9ea0bb|

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