Nancy Pelosi reportedly feels impeachment of President Trump is a ‘fool’s errand’

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Sorry, Dems! Your leader is not on board with impeaching President Donald Trump:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi feels as strongly as ever that impeaching President Trump would be a "fool’s errand," a top ally told Axios.

— Axios (@axios) May 30, 2019

And neither is the rest of the Dem caucus, apparently:

Politico reports that the whip count in favor of impeachment is 41 House members (42 if you include Justin Amash), representing "fewer than 20% of House Democrats, and less than 10% of the House."

— Axios (@axios) May 30, 2019

At least Nancy and the president are on the same page:

Do you expect to be impeached? .@POTUS: "I don't see how… it's a dirty filthy disgusting word…it's a giant presidential harassment."

— Anita Kumar (@anitakumar01) |4ea50df1822999a05718b8b574792768|

Pelosi, as we told you yesterday, is still trying to walk this tightrope, telling the pro-impeachment Dems that all options are still on the table:

Nancy Pelosi at the Commonwealth Club: "Nothing is off the table, but we do want to make such a compelling case, such an ironclad case, that the Republican Senate … will be convinced of the path that we have to take as a country."

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) May 29, 2019

But that’s not going over well. Impeach Pelosi!?

Question: Can @SpeakerPelosi be impeached for failing to uphold her obligations to the Constitution? Asking for a friend. #ImpeachmentInquiryNow

— G.E. Anderson (@g_e_anderson) May 30, 2019

.@kasie +70 percent of Dems are in favor of beginning an impeachment inquiry so no, @SpeakerPelosi is NOT reflecting the will of the people who elected her.

— Jodi Jacobson (@jljacobson) May 30, 2019



Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proof that Facebook ‘were willing enablers’ of Russian election interference

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) May 30, 2019

UH OH! Nancy Pelosi’s answer to impeachment question is making the Resistance VERY impatient

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) May 29, 2019

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