LOCK OBAMA UP! Joaquin Castro blames Trump for a ‘human rights violation’ committed by Barack Obama

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There’s an old article from The Hill going semi-viral again about migrant kids being adopted by Americans without their parents knowing about it (Hint: It’s not about President Trump):

Migrant children quietly being adopted after their parents are deported: report https://t.co/khZQwq4LRL pic.twitter.com/ekph2gPfWZ

— The Hill (@thehill) October 10, 2018

And as the article clearly points out, all of the cases in the underlying AP story occurred during the Obama administration:

The Barrs’ attorney and the Michigan judge were also found to have violated federal law by not notifying Alexa or her mother about the guardianship proceedings.

In a statement to The Hill, a DHS spokeswoman said that all of the cases the AP reviewed came under the Obama administration, emphasizing that all of the adoptions were done legally.

“DHS takes seriously our responsibility for those in our custody — without the opportunity to look into these claims as we were not provided a name, alien number, or identifying details we find this claim to be baseless,” the spokeswoman said.

Can someone please alert Rep. Joaquin Castro to his error?

The Trump Administration intentionally separated kids from their parents and then put the kids up for adoption — permanently separating them.

This is a human rights violation committed by the United States government. https://t.co/DGeV0Na4WG

— Joaquin Castro (@Castro4Congress) October 19, 2019

And we eagerly await his call for Barack Obama to be held accountable for committing these human rights violations:

Among the acts the United Nations considers to be crimes of genocide, one is "forcibly transferring children of the group to another group." https://t.co/1LcZamKyrD

— Lacy M. Johnson (@lacymjohnson) |3be9935b5212c24abc43b46669ab24c7|

Lock Obama up!


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