‘Lmfao’: Nets promo video shown in China (accidentally?) uses the ‘be water’ slogan of Hong Kong protesters

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We told you earlier that China canceled all media events at today’s preseason NBA game in Shanghai between the Nets and Lakers, but it appear they didn’t check one of the promo videos where players were asked for a famous Bruce Lee quote.

That quote — “be water” — is also one of the slogans used by the Hong Kong protesters:

Lmfao. Someone did not vet the Nets’ promo video. They just had players on the big screen answer the question what was the famous dictum of Bruce Lee. The answer, also the favorite saying of Hong Kong protesters: be water! Fans didn’t realize that though. China social media will. pic.twitter.com/Udd0XY64n1

— Paul Mozur 孟建国 (@paulmozur) October 10, 2019

Nobody knows if this was intentional or not, however. The Nets owner, Joe Tsai, did write a Facebook post the other day defending the NBA so we’ll assume he’s not on board with it:

Let the conspiracy theories begin about whether this was an intentional statement snuck by the censors or just a clueless marketing video. The thing is though, the Nets are owned by Alibaba founder Joe Tsai, so if any team might have picked up on it, you’d think it would be them.

— Paul Mozur 孟建国 (@paulmozur) October 10, 2019

Oh, man, when China finds out about this they will be so mad!

The HK protesters have taken "be water" to another level today. I've lost crowds of thousands of people more than once, no surprise the police keep rocking up in place only to find what was a heaving mob has disappeared entirely.

— Mike Bird (@Birdyword) October 1, 2019

The main line of police vans was on Connaught Rd. But “be water” is the motto and the method, and everyone here had long since turned to vapour. Long weekend ahead though. pic.twitter.com/vbVYK8jXGp

— Hong Kong Hermit (@HongKongHermit) October 4, 2019

Video of Bruce Lee:

Be water💧#HongKong #HongKongProstests pic.twitter.com/xLiEqRe0B9 @amnesty #香港

🚶🏻Curtis S. Chin (@CurtisSChin) October 4, 2019


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