Ian Millhiser warns of the biggest mass killing on American soil since the Civil War (and the tax cuts)

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Has anyone made an offer yet to buy ThinkProgress? If not, maybe the editors could ask the writers to tone things down just a bit while they’re trying to broker a sale for cash money. Columnist Ian Millhiser is a known drama queen, but on Tuesday he reached unknown levels of pathos, all over the prospect of Obamacare being struck down.

We should call what two Republican judges appear ready to do to the Affordable Care Act what it is. It is an atrocity. A mass killing that I don't know that we've seen on American soil since the Civil War.https://t.co/DXgqYfzmlY pic.twitter.com/ATLruxPCqX

— Ian Millhiser (@imillhiser) July 9, 2019

Millhiser already pulled what he thought was the money quote from his piece, but in case you can’t read the screenshot, here it is again:

Again, about 24,000 people will die every year. Year after year. If Obamacare is struck down. That’s tens of thousands of fathers who will never kiss their daughters again, and tens of thousands of wives who will never hold their husbands again.

If an invading army committed such an act — If it killed 24,000 innocent people, year after year — we would name that act an “atrocity.” Resolutions would be debated in the United Nations Security Council. Peacekeepers would be sent to intervene.

But in this case, one of the greatest acts of mass killing to occur on American soil since the Civil War will not be committed by an army. It may, however, be committed by Jennifer Elrod and Kurt Engelhardt.

Honey. https://t.co/DnSw2Qfq9a

— Chad Felix Greene (@chadfelixg) July 9, 2019

We forget … how many were estimated to die over the GOP tax cuts? The repeal of net neutrality? Those tax cuts were “Armageddon” and “the end of the world.” So we’ve been prepared for devastating losses attributed to the Democrats losing their way.

This seems a little over the top https://t.co/rwg5aEbguf

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) July 9, 2019

Lol the judges in the 5th Circuit are getting ready to literally murder people! Cc @JoshMBlackman https://t.co/Yn5XVeHxZI pic.twitter.com/WmN3LM8bRq

— (((Aaron Worthing))) (@AaronWorthing) July 9, 2019

Calm down, Karen….

— Charlie X (@CharlieX____) July 9, 2019

Just a little bit dramatic.

— Kartik (@packbrewfan1) July 9, 2019

Oh, the histrionics

— Dave Gray (@docgray81) July 9, 2019

I'll take hyperbolic hysteria for $2,000 Alex

— Alex (@SteeleX87) July 9, 2019

Chill out, baby girl.

— Charlie (@stilldoomed1) July 9, 2019

Lighten up, Francis.

— Will Collier (@willcollier) July 9, 2019

The hysterics would be sad if they weren't so damn funny.You people are clowns.

— Ogre (@GamecockLt) July 9, 2019

You are not a serious person.

— Splexy 🥀 (@UhOhNoGo) July 9, 2019

Better get to your fainting couch.

— CatVader (@kilchis75) July 9, 2019

Get meds, freak.

— Barry Gadbois (@BarryGadbois) July 9, 2019

Hyperbole much?

— Robert Smith (@biglittlebobby5) July 9, 2019

You’re literally the dumbest person on this site.

— St. Antonio of the Desert (@LoneStarTexian) July 9, 2019


— mike⭐⭐⭐ (@MaineMan74) July 9, 2019

The myth that uninsured people have higher mortality and thus that thousands of uninsured die a year comes from an Institute of Medicine study which was disproved by the Kronick study in 2009.An unscientific leftist myth which needs to die.https://t.co/NQdHNW4QVO

— Aviv Khavich (@avivkhavich) |d6a9f67374afe89e3c6f10bbc0d7ca83|

insurance is not health care. health care is not insurance.

— Pre-Malone (@Skynyrdspilot) July 9, 2019

This seems overly dramatic. Health care is a consumer good. Treat it that way and it will become accessible. We don’t want socialism. We know how that ends.

— Matt Snavely (@mattsnavely) July 9, 2019


— Unpersoned M_U_ (@OdietamoLives) July 9, 2019

The atrocity was shoving it down the throats of Americans

— Kevin Reid (@kevin_reid10) July 9, 2019

Who is it again that has politicized the judiciary?

— Richard Kaczmarek (@RichardKacz) July 9, 2019

But sure. Politics of fear is exclusively a Republican phenomenon

— Kyle Kushner (@KyleKushner10) July 9, 2019

The Dems say we're all going to die in 12 years from climate change so who cares if the AHA is struck down?

— Catherine Darsey (@CatherineDarsey) July 9, 2019

When the “leaders” of the left continually use such hyperbole over virtually every issue where there is a policy disagreement, we inch further down the line of hatred and division. The press, more than complicit, profits from the hateful demagoguery

— Subhawk (@subhawk68) July 9, 2019

Remember when Democrats claimed that Republicans were trying to kill millions of Americans by repealing the ACA a couple of years ago and a Bernie campaign worker shot up the GOP baseball team b/c or the rhetoric??

— Unaccountable BureauCat (@UnAcctBureaucat) July 9, 2019

The “casualties” will be higher when Kamala bans private insurance.

— Cwullz (@CwillzV2) July 9, 2019

Now give your opinion of the Democrat's plans to outlaw private insurance, throw approximately 180 million people off their plans, and put everyone on single payer.

How many will die each year from an inept and corrupt government run system???

— SecondContArmy (@SecondContArmy) July 9, 2019

This tweet is pathetic

— B (@BenJack35278703) July 9, 2019

Now do Roe v. Wade

— Just_Only_John (@john_warr) July 9, 2019


'You okay, bro?' Ian Millhiser's so confused by Justice Neil Gorsuch's intellectual consistency that 'he basically triggered himself' https://t.co/zmprjlWGvP

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 24, 2019

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