Hey, who wants to read Jeff Flake’s farewell address to Congress?

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We’ve known for quite a while now that Sen. Jeff Flake was planning on retiring, but not before fully transforming into some little junior |09fb7d8827d56045860ea8c265bd4b40| apprentice. You’d think he’d at least retire with the respect of progressives, but if you read the comments on any of his tweets, they’re all angry at him for being all talk and no action.

So who wants to read his farewell address to Congress? CNN has reprinted it in full, and Jake Tapper provided a handy link Thursday afternoon.

READ: Jeff Flake's farewell address to Congress – CNNPolitics https://t.co/LssBFFwY4o

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) December 13, 2018

Is that an order?

You’ve got to be kidding.

— Kathy Koppin (@KathyKoppin) December 14, 2018

No thanks. F**k him.

— Mr. Greensvelt (@HandsomeJack71) December 14, 2018

“I’ve lived up to my name”…the end

— donna valenti (@shoregirl123) December 14, 2018

Hard pass, …….bye Felecia

— #PerpWalkComey🚓🔗 (@sonicblues) December 14, 2018

Goodbye, Senator Emo.

— Jonathan Werner (@dukelawjon) December 14, 2018

Hard pass

— John McNally (@john_mcnally) December 14, 2018

Rusty nails hammered into my eyes would be better than reading Flake’s drivel.

— Dying Daily Devane (@shrimplover1068) December 14, 2018

Did he announce his MSNBC weekend show yet?

— Disobedient Kulak (@martelshammer32) December 14, 2018


— Lizzie Alexander🌷🇺🇸🌷 Joyful Advent 🕯🌲🕯 (@Alvausa11) December 14, 2018

No thanks. I have no respect for traitors.

— LindaHoney@lh (@LindaHo44853346) December 14, 2018


— Bong In Gilead (@Jewuh) December 13, 2018

Who cares.

— Katie Scarlet (@Katiescarlet2) December 14, 2018

Wait does he flip flop in his farewell address as well? Flake legacy attached pic.twitter.com/eIdqeUUZhU

— A. R. G. (@AdamRobGoCop) December 13, 2018

Thank you for nothing @JeffFlake

👻christian 'spooky' chrysos🦇 (@ChristianXrysos) December 13, 2018

How many of his "addresses" are we supposed to care about? Bye Jeff, thanks for the seat.

— Robert C. (@RobIsRatings) December 13, 2018

No thank you I'm good

— Tankoholic Matt (@FalcoholicMatt) December 13, 2018

I'm busy, watching paint dry.

— so-called yoyolena (@yoyo_yelena) December 13, 2018

I would literally rather pee jagged shards of glass.

I'm serious.

Before reading anything this pompous blue falcon babbles, I would take broken bits of glass, put it in my bladder, and piss it out again. https://t.co/vsiHEYaDUL

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) December 14, 2018

Civility… Something something… Regular order… Something…decency… Something something.

— Jonathon Whooley (@JonWhooley) December 13, 2018


— TitanMen (@TitanMen) December 13, 2018

this ain't it, chief

— Joshua Erlich (@erlichlawoffice) December 13, 2018

No thanks. This dude has wasted more than enough of our time.

— Tea & Sorcery (@stpddreamscape) December 13, 2018


— sandman 🎸📷🎮🎲 (@sandman935) December 13, 2018

No I don’t think I will. He’s wasted enough of people’s time with his empty words.

— jazzmankyle (@jazzmankyle) December 13, 2018

I'm good. I'll just wait for the movie that I wouldn't watch either.

— Ollie Bean 🌊 (@OllieBean2x3) December 13, 2018

From an Arizonan pic.twitter.com/3kQ6sVQK97

— Amanda Bullmaster (@Lebullmaster) December 13, 2018


— Mrs.Soliloquy (@ThoughtCaged) December 13, 2018

Jeff Flake, a man who might have been a great republican.

Except for that whole republican thing.

— Christopher Le Crenn (@Le_Crenn) December 13, 2018

Is it just twenty minutes of air leaking out of a balloon?

— Ikea Monkey (@Look4English) December 13, 2018

Should I start reading this now or wait until he changes his mind and releases a completely different one?

— Fredro (@fredro) December 13, 2018


‘Legacy!’ Outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake basks in Resistance applause for blocking Trump judicial nominees (to ‘protect Mueller’) https://t.co/GseoInwQUe

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) December 5, 2018

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