DELETE THIS NOW! @Queerty is using a photoshopped ‘Make America White Again’ image to smear @RealDonaldTrump

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Holy s*it.

This is really, really bad Queerty as this is an obvious fake:

Black and gay for the first time in Trump’s America, after a decade away

— Queerty (@Queerty) March 31, 2019

Here’s the original, via Snopes:

— The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) March 31, 2019

It’s in the article as well:

Delete this now, Queerty, and apologize.

“Should we try for any integrity at all and use a legitimate image for our thumbnail due to our already incredible fragile sense of credibility?”


“F*** it. Let’s use it the photoshopped propaganda widely debunked as fake.”

— Jessica Fletcher (@heckyessica) March 31, 2019


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