Dana Loesch gives Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh the well-deserved ‘God bless’ treatment

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Full disclosure: We can’t ever see the name Nina Burleigh and not think of her quote about happily giving President Bill Clinton oral sex as thanks for keeping abortion legal. If anything ever summed up the confused state of third-wave feminism, that was it.

That said, we could easily fill post after post with Dana Loesch’s “God bless” tweets, which she usually sends in response to the many, many threats she receives on Twitter. We don’t know if they’ve gotten anyone banned, but seriously, some of them are enough to turn our hair white, and we’re not even the target.

In short, the anti-NRA, pro-gun control progressives sure have a lot of violent gun fantasies they can’t help but express.

Speaking as a mother, Burleigh seemed to think owning a gun was something only done out of fear, and why would Loesch want to pass on fear to her children by carrying a weapon?

I'm a mother too and I don't carry weapons to "protect" them, and neither do most of the mothers I know. Among children, the majority (89%) of unintentional shooting deaths occur in the home.Plus what are you so afraid of, Dana? Not a good trait to pass on to children.

— Nina Burleigh (@ninaburleigh) December 12, 2018

By the way, that stat is 100 percent bogus; gun violence expert Tom Arnold already explained that 80 percent of all gun owners shoot themselves or a family member.

You probably do not have crazies coming to your home, sending photos of corpses to your kids, or dealing with threats of violence simply because you support the Constitution. Stop shaming women who choose to defend themselves & their families, Nina. That’s a bad trait. God bless. https://t.co/KK8jz1w9kf

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 12, 2018

And seriously, if you don’t follow Loesch (and you should), do it for one day just to see how many threats she deals along with suggestions that she use a gun on herself … again, by loving liberals who only ask for common sense gun control.

Good for you Nina. You choose how you defend your children, and so does Dana. Isn’t it great to exercise our rights as free people to choose what’s best for our families?

— Silence Dogood (@Venturin62) December 12, 2018

If it's your choice to he disarmed, fine. But don't deny others the choice to arm themselves in defense of themselves and their families.

— Victor Tango Kilo (@GenghisKhet) December 12, 2018

Why do you people ask “what are you afraid of”? Are you blind to reality? Go schedule a sit in with a metro 911 center and you’ll find out EXACTLY what people are afraid of. Namely, other people who don’t give a shit about you, me, or anyone other than themselves.

— Skankhunt42 (@QuitCryingFool) December 12, 2018

Nina is also conflating intentional self defense with unintentional shooting deaths. They are two separate issues. Conflation is a standard trick with the gun-grabbers.

— Jean Paul Zodeaux (@JeanPaulZodeaux) December 12, 2018

After reading most of your posts it’s obvious where you stand on America. The liberal mind has a perplexing way of perverting the truth and bending it to fit a narrative. Saying you don’t want anything to protect yourself is your choice, but the rest of us will not be victims

— Don D (@DJD556) December 12, 2018

She must interview her "friends" for Newsweek, as well… #quality #journalism

— Friendly, Neighborhood Lummox (@lummox_ict) December 12, 2018

Guns are tools, they are nothing more than steel, iron, aluminum plastic, wood etc. They have a function and a use, they are neither good or bad. The problem is in the HEART of the user. We blame the user for everything else. It's the same for guns.

— Devil Dog Hawg Fan (@devildoghawgfan) December 12, 2018

Yeah, I don’t make a habit of telling my mom friends, or anyone really, that I carry. But I will say that 90% of my CHL class was made up of women, since we’re using personal experiences as statistics.

— Stephanie (@MediocreSteph) December 12, 2018

I am a mother and my child has been shooting since a very young age! Stop trying to shame people who have different beliefs! You have your choices and we have ours, but I will say I won’t use my weapon to protect you or your kids, promise

— Krizzy 🚓💕💙🖤💙🖤 (@krizzy52) December 12, 2018

I'm not going to flame @ninaburleigh & I'll take her 89% as fact.

I do wonder how many of those are by registered gun owners AND @nra members?

I know my children learned to fire, and RESPECT the power of, a Colt 45 when they became old enough to be curious. pic.twitter.com/jweVyAvbPw

— Ttown Dick (@Ttowndick) December 12, 2018

It's a great trait to pass on. My dad taught us how to defend ourselves when we were young. He worked the graveyard shift.

— Eleanor Sheffield (@Ellie06067552) December 12, 2018

When seconds count the cops are only minutes away, I know that cause I was a cop.

— william hughes (@HughesSarge) December 12, 2018

Why are people afraid of law abiding citizens defending themselves? Are they afraid of legal gun owners, criminals, or both? If you don’t want to get shot by a legal gun owner, don’t commit violence against them, their families, or bystanders and you have nothing to worry about.

— Michael S. Miller (@akaMikeMiller) December 12, 2018

Isn’t this the lady who said she would—ummm—well, you know… pic.twitter.com/bGu4oFIUrT

🎄Bookish Bumpkin🎄 (@Bookish_Bumpkin) December 12, 2018

Yeah … she’d blow Bill Clinton to keep abortion legal but as for your Constitutional right to bear arms? She’d try to shame you for it? Good luck.

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