AOC takes offense at skeptic of Big Gov’t’s technical prowess daring to suggest federalizing broadband access would be a disaster

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Broadband access is just like everything else for Elizabeth Warren — she’s got a plan for that:

Let’s create a federal Office of Broadband Access, and invest $85 billion into making sure every home in America has a broadband connection. That means publicly-owned and operated networks—no giant telecom companies running away with taxpayer dollars.

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) August 7, 2019

Hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Somehow the thought of the government being responsible for my Internet connection is more terrifying than the government being responsible for my health care.

— Patrick Ruffini (@PatrickRuffini) August 8, 2019

But any heretical suggestions that the federal government wouldn’t be as good as the private sector are not welcomed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Have you ever called Comcast yourself, or does someone do that for you?

Cause for LOTS of communities, we’d take public internet over oligopoly internet any day of the week.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) August 8, 2019

And of course by “public internet” she means “government owned and operated internet”:

This is their vision.

The DMV for the Internet.The DMV for health care.The DMV for child care.

If there’s anything slower and more inefficient than the cable company, it’s government.

One DMV is enough.

— Patrick Ruffini (@PatrickRuffini) August 8, 2019

Yeah, no thanks, AOC (and Elizabeth Warren).

How does she think Comcast and other cable companies' oligopoly was arrived at in the first place? (HINT: It had a lot to do with government.)

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) August 8, 2019

It worked so well for healthcare, right?

— Sandy (@RightGlockMom) August 8, 2019

Right. The government did such a bang-up job with high-tech projects, like the Obamacare web site. Sure, I'll trust them with my Internet service.

Admit it, you just want state control of everything, just so long as you're on top.

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) August 8, 2019

Oh sure, she plans to be one of the people in control.

Honestly, this is depressing. We've gone from a republic of limited government to a country of My-cable/internet-company-sucks-please-handle-it-Washington.

Sorry, Ben Franklin, I guess we've let you down.

— Jeryl Bier (@JerylBier) August 8, 2019

Just say it, you want to control the internet. We get it, your message sucks and falls flat on its face when it encounters free speech.

— Divs (@LifeDiv) |1e9ca9f654ff7204d456d6055b9d41ea|

This has slowly slipped into full-time parody account.

— Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) August 8, 2019

And thankfully we can still access it because the government doesn’t yet have full control of the Internet.

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