IGN’s Death Stranding Guide includes a full walkthrough with step-by-step instructions for each main mission (Sam’s Orders), side quest, boss fight, and puzzle. But it has so much more! Death Stranding is a game that leaves many questions unanswered and this guide is here to answer them. Below you’ll findRead More →

Larian Studios, the developer behind the recently announced Baldur’s Gate 3, has revealed a new slice of fresh hell from the forthcoming roleplaying game, depicting one of the tentacle-faced, brain-eating psionicists from the race of interplanar slavers called Ilithids — more commonly known as mind flayers. Though scant on details, theRead More →

Update 10/16: After getting over 860k likes on her Twitter post that simply asks “What’s fortnight,” Lady Gaga is at it again, now asking “. @Ninja who are you” – because it’s 2019, and the internet is an increasingly strange place. Ninja, of course, is a highly-popular Fortnite streamer and internetRead More →