Protective Pup Worries Over Owner You know that your dog really loves you when you see him trying to protect you after you’ve been in an accident and you’re unable to move on the ground. This is what was captired on video this time. We get to see how aRead More →

Senator and 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is spending the weekend in Iowa to get a jump on a field of candidates that’s expected to be massive: .@SenWarren made her first stop in #Iowa as a possible 2020 presidential candidate. @ewarren — Brian Powers (@bpowersphoto) January 5, 2019Read More →

Single-Celled Organism Dying The microscopic world is one of the most interesting subjects you hear about in school. This video is a crazy good reminder of all those science classes we have had when we were young. This video shows the death process of a single celled organism. The clipRead More →

Reporters gathered this afternoon in the White House briefing room where Sarah Sanders introduced President Trump, who brought with him border agents echoing his call for a wall: President Trump is making a formal briefing from the White House press briefing room for the first time in his presidency. More →