There are interview walk-offs, and there are interview walk-offs. Saturday, after Vanderbilt got their first big win of the year by beating 22nd-ranked Missouri 21-14, Vandy coach Derek Mason was asked about his job security. And he became just a bit passionate. Derek Mason is FIRED UP — SECRead More →

It’s kind of annoying when people crop out the source of an image or text excerpt because we like to pass along where these things come from. Like, where did Barbra Streisand find this violent image? — Barbra Streisand (@BarbraStreisand) October 19, 2019 Turns out that cartoon’s pretty oldRead More →

There’s an old article from The Hill going semi-viral again about migrant kids being adopted by Americans without their parents knowing about it (Hint: It’s not about President Trump): Migrant children quietly being adopted after their parents are deported: report — The Hill (@thehill) October 10, 2018 AndRead More →

Ashley Feinberg, who unearthed James Comey’s secret Twitter account last year, thinks she may have discovered Mitt Romney’s secret Twitter account that he admitted using to lurk different politicians and celebrities. “Pierre Delecto,” is that you Mitt Romney? i *believe* i may have found mitt romney's secret twitter account More →

It’s become commonplace for candidates to start selling T-shirts with whatever buzzy thing they just said on them. For example, Beto sold this “This is f*cked up” T-shirt: Beto O'Rourke is raising money for Moms Demand Action and March For Our Lives with an F-bomb T-shirt — Twitchy TeamRead More →