As we told you earlier in the Democrat debate, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke stayed as predictable as ever when he placed the blame for the El Paso shooting directly at the feet of President Trump. A while later, after being asked if he still stood by a previous pledge toRead More →

At last night’s debate, former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a plan to get the troops out of Afghanistan by opening bases in Pakistan: Former Vice President Biden says he would use military bases in Pakistan as an alternative to having troops in Afghanistan. Can’t imagine that’s even within theRead More →

Via America Rising, here’s Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying that Miami will not exist “in a few years” if we don’t pass her Green New Deal: Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on climate change: “What is not realistic is not responding to the crisis – not responding with a solution onRead More →

Never ever give up! Keith supporting his paralyzed partner Riona as she walks for the first time unaided since suffering her second stroke. She’s paralyzed from the waist down! In life we always have to overcome challenges and today we both did that! Never give up, ever! More The postRead More →

As Twitchy reported on Thursday this week, the Washington Post wrote an entire piece accusing North Carolina Republicans of holding a surprise vote while Democrats were attending a 9/11 memorial all based on an accusation the governor made. Which was not true. But that didn’t stop WaPo from running withRead More →

You probably don’t remember it, but back in Spring 2017, people like Rachel Maddow were crowing at the top of their lungs that President Trump was trying to arm people with “severe mental illness.” Like the word “racist,” they just reflexively threw in the word “severe” for shock value, andRead More →

We didn’t exactly need a screenshot from the newspaper that originally reported Wednesday morning on the 18 years “since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center,” but it doesn’t hurt either. Ben Shapiro checked with the New York Times’ Opinion section Wednesday morning, and in a selectionRead More →