You may have seen the hashtag #BoycottOliveGarden trending tonight and, yes, it’s about Donald Trump. This viral tweet has almost 30,000 retweets, and counting: Olive Garden is funding Trump's re-election in 2020. It would be terrible if you shared this and Olive Garden lost business. — Dennese Edgerton (@LilleyDennese) AugustRead More →

Congratulations to the team from River Ridge, Louisiana, the 2019 Little League World Series champions: "Louisiana is your Little League World Series Champion!" #LLWS — Little League (@LittleLeague) August 25, 2019 Enjoy the moment, kids: What a moment! Louisiana wins its first ever #LLWS title — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)Read More →

In response to that NYT article we told you about earlier on Trump allies archiving embarrassing journo tweets, MSNBC referred to the Jewish man referred to in the article, Arthur Schwartz, as practicing “digital brownshirtism”: Notorious anti-Semite Joy Ann Reid smears a Jewish man as being a Nazi: —Read More →

The professional football league is about to start its new season soon, and you know what that means  — MORE POLITICAL LECTURES! (Okay, fantasy football, but still…) While some are still bleating about Colin Kaepernick not playing the league is still dealing with the fallout from his protesting. With ratingsRead More →

Welp, Joe ‘teased’ everyone in social media this past week that he might run for president and even though most everyone on the planet (outside of Bill Kristol and the Bulwark Groupies) told him in several, not-so-polite ways that it was not a great idea … He’s doing it. HeRead More →

At the Democrat Party’s summer meeting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised 2020 Dems that they need to be prepared to “throw a punch, for the children.” But Pelosi wasn’t the only person saying things that raised eyebrows, as evidenced by this claim that got a standing ovation from DNC chairRead More →