Theoretically, you could go out and buy a Hitachi Magic Wand right now, but why would you when there’s iVIBRATE? This program suite lets users turn their gaming controllers into their very own wireless vibrator, complete with full control over vibration settings and patterns. Kink Master Studios launched iVIBRATE—Controller EditionRead More →

We tend to share the wholesome and adorable side to animals, yet, every so often we like to share their other side… the evil side.  Sometimes, animals can be jerks and do jerky things. Whether they do those jerky things to us humans or other animals, it’s always hilarious. It’sRead More →

Stream Estrella TV if you’re looking for Spanish-language programming from a network based in the U.S. What is Estrella TV? Created in the late ’90s in Southern California, Estrella TV specializes in variety programming like Estudio 2, a musically oriented show, and Noches Con Platanito, modeled after late-night talk shows but hostedRead More →