Kristin Cavallari is serving up some piping hot tea from her days on The Hills. The Uncommon James founder sat down for a catch-up with her former co-stars Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge, and dished all things about the MTV series. Related: Heidi Montag Drops New Christian Pop Track ‘GlitterRead More →

“Columbine” began to trend online Thursday after Twitter users discovered that some people not only sympathize with mass shooters but stan them. The trend kicked off as a response to a tweet calling for members to join a Twitter group chat dedicated to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the twoRead More →

You tell ’em, Jeannie Mai! On Thursday’s episode of The Real things got a little extra real when the co-host clapped back at some racism she had recently experienced. It all started when she and boyfriend Jeezy were photographed on the red carpet together. She revealed to a shocked audience: “When Jeezy andRead More →

Unless you regularly fly First Class, traveling on a commercial airplane can be a total nightmare at times! There’s little to no legroom for the average human being, icky recycled air, and if you’re unlucky enough to get stuck with a middle seat, the experience can be even more uncomfortableRead More →