Khloé Kardashian has had a very tough year dealing with ex Tristan Thompson‘s descent into the whole alleged cheating brouhaha in which he found himself… but you’d never know about the stress judging by these incredible pics! On Sunday morning, the KUWTK reality TV star took to Instagram to show off her incredibleRead More →

This is what happens when momma long beans give birth. More The post Handful of Slithering Baby Snakes appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Read more:

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. We suppose that’s what happens when you’re blatantly anti-Semitic and horrible in general. Palestinian Authority bans LGBT activities in West Bank.The ban came after LGBT group Al-Qaws was planing to hold a gathering for its members inRead More →

Sen. and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders articulated how socialists feel about your hard-earned money during a campaign event on Saturday. When it comes to the reckless spending of what you make, they say, “So what?” Bernie on big government proposals: “costs a little bit of money, so what?” —Read More →