The FBI would rather have Americans believe they just don’t know how to do their jobs rather than thinking they were politically biased against Trump. At least that’s how the IG report spin has appeared to this editor. No no no, they weren’t targeting Trump because of their political affiliation,]]Read More →

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has cashed in on the viral backlash against Peloton by hiring the woman in its recent ad to promote his gin company. Peloton’s holiday commercial for its stationary exercise bike has been receiving widespread criticism over the past week for being out-of-touch, earning more than 17,000Read More →

Art design is such a strong element within video games and this year we have a diverse group of nominees who have shown exceptional efforts in the field of animation and visual design. From modern stylings to colorful palettes, and even simplistic aesthetics – who will take home the crown? ControlRead More →

Ted Cruz appeared on “Meet the Press” yesterday, where he got into it with host Chuck Todd over alleged interference in our 2016 election: WATCH: @SenTedCruz says he believes Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. #MTP #IfItsSunday — Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) December 8, 2019 CNBC’s John Harwood’s takeaway?Read More →

Former vegan social media influencer Alyse Parker is experiencing a harsh backlash from followers after she announced that she followed the “carnivore diet” for 30 days—a plan that entails only eating animal products.  View this post on Instagram By this point, you probably know that I looove trying new things,Read More →