Disney+ is launching with all the big guns: Star Wars, Marvel, the Disney Vault, and a delightful mid-budget Christmas movie called Noelle. Starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, Noelle is the sleeper of the bunch. Because while your friends might have hit up Avengers: Endgame‘s midnight premiere, Noelle is the Endgame of post-Thanksgiving dinner. DisneyRead More →

As Twitchy reported Sunday, in an interview on “Face the Nation,” White House National Security Officer Robert O’Brien said that impeachment inquiry witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman will be removed from his post on the National Security Council. Actually, a lot of people are being removed from their posts and being]]Read More →

Campaigning in Iowa, Bernie Sanders was asked about “gun violence” and what his plan would be to curb mass shootings. His answer wasn’t the kind of thing we’ve heard from the likes of Beto O’Rourke, Eric Swalwell and others on the Left: https://twitter.com/timothypmurphy/status/1193693425448685568 https://twitter.com/tomselliott/status/1193863176091308033 Wow, when Bernie Sanders is startingRead More →

With the debut of the Disney+ streaming service, a brand new chapter of the Star Wars saga is officially underway. The Mandalorian revolves around an enigmatic bounty hunter plying his trade in a lawless corner of the galaxy. One of the biggest questions surrounding the new series is also theRead More →

Well well well, whaddya know. Here’s something you don’t see every day. Mark Cuban taking Elizabeth Warren apart in a pretty damn damning thread about her trying desperately to deflect from her own net worth and hypocrisy when complaining about the evil rich. Whoda thunk it? The reality for @ewarrenRead More →

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott showed off his unique warmup routine right before Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, instantly inspiring a wave of #DakDancestoAnything memes. Prescott’s moves include a hip whip and twisting motion that is meant to open up his hips (where the quarterback gets most of hisRead More →