Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t wait to tweet out the differences between socialism and capitalism … or the cost of capitalism … or something. You know what? We’re not even sure what the Hell she’s trying to say here but it’s probably safe to assume she is saying socialism is good andRead More →

Poor Jim Acosta. Someone get this guy a box or two of tissues, would ya’? CNN’s Jim Acosta: America Has Become A ‘Vicious, Nasty Country’ — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) September 23, 2019 From The Daily Caller: In video obtained by The Daily Caller, Acosta trashes America, wondering if theRead More →

Depending on whom you ask, the recently released transcript of Donald Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president vindicates Trump, damns Trump, or does something in between. For the record, Sally Kohn apparently falls into the second camp. And she’s got a reminder for everyone out there who’s not convinced thatRead More →

As we told you earlier, Iowan Carson King — who raised over $1 million for the University of Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital — had two tweets from when he was 16-years-old dug up by Des Moines Register reporter, resulting in the loss of his deal with Anheuser-Busch to continueRead More →

As Twitchy told you Tuesday evening, the Trump administration said it will release both a transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president and the whistleblower complaint this week. For now, speculation is running rampant, but Greg Gutfeld posed a “what if” for the ages: what if the whistleblower is cornRead More →

Lawfare Executive Editor and CNN National Security and Legal Analyst Susan Hennessey attacked The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, calling her an “intellectual lightweight” and “bottom of the barrel” after Hemingway left a snarky response to one of her tweets: Schiff has been extraordinarily measured in the past, so it is aRead More →

The impeachment buzz is growing. As Twitchy told you, NBC/MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman reported that he received confirmation from a congressional Democratic source that Nancy Pelosi will announce a formal impeachment inquiry later today. So it looks like this might actually be happening now. And CNN has responded accordingly: TheRead More →