Turtle rescuers gathered the hatchlings into buckets to count and released them into the ocean. The release took place immediately. More The post Baby Turtles Hatch on Hollywood Beach appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Read more: viralviralvideos.com

The timing really couldn’t have been worse for the Biden campaign to send out this tweet. Timing https://t.co/6g0M8E3zVo — Jimmy (@JimmyPrinceton) September 5, 2019 You see, enough people were distracted by Biden’s eye filling with blood during CNN’s #ClimateTownHall that they didn’t need to draw any more attention to it.Read More →

Joe Biden appeared to have gotten burned during his turn at CNN’s seven-hour-long #ClimateTownHall featuring 10 of the remaining Democratic candidates for president. Both an audience member and CNN’s Anderson Cooper claimed that Biden, who had signed a no-fossil-fuel-money pledge, was meeting the next day with an executive of aRead More →

And we’re not done with this story yet as NOAA just issued a statement criticizing the National Weather Service office in Birmingham, AL for that tweet correcting President Trump on Sunday, September 1: NOAA now issuing a correction after Birmingham NWS contradicted Trump: “The Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morningRead More →

Earlier this week, media and gun grabbers fell all over themselves to report that the Odessa shooter obtained his weapon through a “private sale” that allowed him to escape a background check, thereby demonstrating that universal background checks would have prevented the shooting: New: Odessa gunman purchased weapon in privateRead More →

There’s something to be said for resisting the urge to spout off on something you don’t know a lot about. Unfortunately for so many gun control advocates, they don’t let a lack of knowledge stand in their way. Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards was on MSNBC earlier, where sheRead More →