As you might already know, Netflix has made it clear they will consider pulling all production from the state of Georgia if the “heartbeat” bill becomes law. Not unlike the awkward snags that Disney has hit, Netflix is tripping all over their own virtue signaling with what they’re doing elsewhereRead More →

Maybe AOC missed it, but Obama already tried the whole ‘hope thing’ over a decade ago. And wow, talk about a self-important twit with her ‘daily reminder’ … Your daily reminder — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) May 29, 2019 Your daily reminder that a glass of water with a DRead More →

Surprising as it might seem, there’s something almost wholesome about the sweat pigs of TitanMen. Founded in the mid-’90s to highlight safer sex and natural surroundings, Titan’s aesthetic is decidedly raunchy and rough—and yet, everyone just seems to be having a good time. But considering the price of entry, isRead More →

Rarely does the rumor mill churn harder than the weeks leading up to E3. And with talk of next-gen hardware, long-awaited sequels, new IP, unexpected collaborations, and more, this year’s show is no exception. To better track these rumblings, we’ve collected the biggest rumors and purported leaks surrounding this year’sRead More →