If you’ve played any Pokémon game, you know the torment of languishing over your choice of fighter. Who will be your first companion on your long journey to becoming a Pokémon master? The choice is generally limited to one of three options, but a fanmade website site has Pokéfans envisioning aRead More →

Occurred in Boulder Canyon on June 15, 2019. Colorado Parks and Wildlife and State Patrol were notified, but since the mountain lion ran off there wasn’t much they could do. More The post Car and Cat Collide in Colorado appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Read more: viralviralvideos.comRead More →

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As the saying goes, a fool and his, uh, expensive gaming console are soon parted. That’s precisely what happened to a hapless kid tricked into destroying his Xbox on Twitch by a MrBeast impersonator. On Sunday evening, Reddit user whatps2 posted to r/LivestreamFail that they had been perusing random streamsRead More →

We cannot even begin to imagine what Dog The Bounty Hunter‘s family is going through right now… As the reality TV star’s wife, Beth Chapman, continues to lie in a hospital bed fighting for her life in a battle against esophageal cancer, doctors and family members are now reportedly discussing life supportRead More →