College students in Colorado were secretly photographed beginning in 2012 as part of a government-funded facial recognition project, the Colorado Springs Independent found. The project, led by Dr. Terrance Boult, a professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, captured more than 16,000 images of 1,732 individuals between February 2012 and September 2013.Read More →

Enjoy this collection of witticisms and responses to guests from Groucho Marx on his game show “You Bet Your Life” from the 1950s. Subscribe for more classic clips and television shows coming soon. Read more:

This lady got out of the car at the stoplight and went to the other person’s vehicle and opened up the door. There was no collision and nothing seemed to insinuate that they did anything wrong. More The post Contentious Canadians Clash in Traffic appeared first on Viral Viral Videos.Read More →

When the clumsy Seymour Krelboyne spoils two flowers of a client, the owner of a small florist shop Gravis Mushnick is ready to fire him. However Seymour tells that he has mixed two plants of different breeds at home and created a hybrid named Audrey Jr. and Mushnick decides toRead More →

With E3 fast approaching and all of us eager to get another look at CD Project Red’s upcoming sci-fi epic, We dove back into all our coverage to pull out the coolest info-bits we know so far. Here are 53 facts and details about Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay. Worried Cyberpunk 2077Read More →

It seems like our younger generations are the ones that worry the most about the future of our planet. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense since they are the ones that will have to experience the tragic effects of your consumeristic and oblivious behavior. So,Read More →