A few days ago, failing presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggested that America explore using shipping containers as housing for low-income Americans: I was in a shipping container apartment in Las Vegas that cost only $30,000 and was downright appealing. There are things we can do to make housing more affordableRead More →

These days, consuming media is easier and more convenient than ever, thanks to no shortage of streaming services. But unfortunately, those subscription fees tend to add up—especially as more and more companies are throwing their hats into an already overcrowded ring. As such, many people are understandably less than enthusedRead More →

Today, Bernie Sanders announced his $16 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a “T”) climate change plan, and he’s more than happy to debate the science behind it with anybody who might be skeptical. Just kidding! Bernie Sanders: We Must End Fossil Fuels, “End Of Discussion,” “There Is No Middle Ground”Read More →

#1 “I Have Two Of Those In My Kitchen” Image credits: Dovydas Skarolskis #2 Even The Oven Is Like Why Are You Doing This To Me???? Image credits: pleasehatethesethings #3 What If They Get Divorced? Image credits: Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia There’s nothing that says bon appétit like a train-wreckRead More →

Landon Rivera, the 19-year-old who created the viral “Beyoncé’s Assistant for A Day” game on Twitter, has just taken his innovative talents to the big leagues. Rivera has partnered with the interactive short-form storytelling app Yarn to launch more pop culture and celebrity-infused games. The latest one? Being Blue Ivy’sRead More →

Make it rain, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! On Wednesday, Forbes released its list of the highest-paid actors in 2019, and the Hobbs & Shaw star came in at number one! Related: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Marries Longtime Girlfriend Lauren Hashian! Per the publication, between June 1, 2018 and June 1, 2019, the formerRead More →

Nothing to see here folks, just another racist anti-Semite exposed at the New York Times. #BREAKING: Another anti-Semite exposed at the @nytimes. Exclusive — ‘Crappy Jew Year’: New York Times Editor’s Antisemitism, Racism Exposed https://t.co/dwaQQHJvgG via @BreitbartNews — Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) August 22, 2019 Man, the NYT sure can pickRead More →

I shot my hand with a nailgun at work. More The post Nailed It appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Read more: viralviralvideos.com